Roof Washing: What is it and how does it work?

Roof washing is essential to the longevity of your home in our part of the country. Here is how to do it the right way with the best results.

Softwashing vs. Pressure Washing: What’s the difference?

Both techniques can be very effective for cleaning. The key differences for our purposes are when to use them and on which parts of your property.

Softwashing is the Clear Winner for Roof Washing

Our preferred method of roof cleaning, softwashing using sodium hypochlorite (bleach) is what roof manufactures recommend for treating organic growth on your roof. Here’s a helpful video explaining how it works – All You Need To Know About Using Bleach To Clean A Roof

Should I clean my own roof?

Check out this article to see that cleaning your own roof is very possible for the average, able-bodied homeowner. However, roof cleaning can be dangerous and if done improperly, may cause more damage than good. If you decide the risk is not worth trying yourself, please reach out to us for a free quote. We can make sure your roof is cleaned properly and keep you on the ground where it’s safe!

what is roof washing?

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover answers to frequently asked questions about our roof washing services.

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